Sushi Supplies

Sushi SuppliesTo create great sushi you need the right sushi supplies.  Perhaps one of the most important is the rice cooker. To make delicious sushi, you want the rice to be prepared properly and the rice cooker will ensure that your rice is just the right consistency. Another must-have is the rolling mat – which is a simple wooden mat that the nori is set on for easy rolling. The shape of the mat’s individual pieces allows for the easy shaping of rolls, and guarantees a precise shape to each roll. A sharp knife is necessary to cut the rolls and sushi with, and it should be kept wet to prevent the sticky ingredients from separating with the larger portions. For eating the sushi itself, it is customary to eat with chopsticks, which are two long strips of wood that are specially styled to eat the sushi with. By keeping these essential sushi supplies handy, you will be ready to craft your own fine sushi dishes after a little practice and application.

Learn To Make Sushi

Sushi Supplies

Making your own sushi can be a simple and enjoyable activity.  To begin with, one of the most elementary sushi ingredients needed is sushi rice, which is a sticky, short-grained type of rice commonly used to hold the sushi and the fish together. The distinct taste that this type of rice has is attributed to a special vinegar solution applied to it after cooking, which gives it a sweet and notably pleasant taste. Another important material you will need is the seaweed wrap, which is known as nori.  Nori is usually packaged in boxes of 10, 50, and 100, so it is usually best to experiment with different flavors and sizes until you find one that is comfortable for you. The next ingredients are whatever you may want to put in your sushi. Cucumbers, long and thin slices of salmon or eel, anything that can be put in the roll or set raw with the rice is worth considering in your personalized recipe. Raw fish and ingredients need to be carefully thawed to ensure their taste, while anything else that you may use should be spread evenly on one side of the unrolled nori, for a neat and attractive presentation in the rolls.

Sushi Origins

Sushi SuppliesSushi is an exotic and delicious food that has been enjoyed in Southeast Asia for centuries. The history of the word itself tracing back to fermented fish meals that existed throughout the region’s time line, particularly in Japan. The word sushi was originally used to describe sour things, and the name itself was given to the food of the era that involved fermenting fish to preserve its age. Since its roots, sushi has undergone dramatic changes, with the original meaning of the word no longer in use in contemporary language. The creation of the modern sushi of this era, that we know and love, is accredited to Hanaya Yohei, who invented a faster form of sushi by getting rid of the fermentation process altogether. This type of sushi was meant to be eaten without further culinary preparation or utensils, and as such quickly became the popular meal now known and loved.

With the right sushi supplies and plenty of recipes, you can learn to make sushi at home and will be able to treat yourself and your family to this delectable meal as often as you like.